Krispy Kreme loves the environment as much as we love doughnuts.
That is why we dropped by a few clean-ups for World Clean Up Day 2021.
Check out the sweet smiles we served to the incredible volunteers.

Captain Fanplastic -
Beach Clean UP

There were around 200 people plus volunteers who managed to collect over 215 kgs of plastic.

Captain fanplastic lead the younger kids with stories about pirates and helped them on a treasure hunt to collect plastic, while the beach co-op briefed the older learners of the dirty dozen.

There were smiles all around when Krispy Kreme doughnuts arrived for a sweet surprise.

The Mosselbank River Conservation Team’s (MRCT)

There were 146 volunteers, mostly children from Greenville and wider Fisantekraal and residents from the Durbanville area.

In total, 219 bags were collected. 959 kg of waste and 67 kg of recyclable materials. The volunteers enjoyed sweet treats from Krispy Kreme after their hard work.

The Pristine Earth

The Pristine Earth Collective brought the youth to Hout Bay to support the Oceans Alive and Sentinel Ocean Alliance initiatives.

Once they were all done the team got together to enjoy lunch and delicious KK doughnuts.

Helderberg Ocean Awareness Movement

Krispy Kreme made a dough-nation of 300 KK doughnuts for Helderberg Ocean Awareness Movement.

Over 200 people volunteered and more than 936kg of litter was removed.


Captain Fanplastic ran a program which included a story about turning trash into treasure and which then led learners onto a treasure hunt to collect and record what plastic they collected on the beach.

Learners collected just over 44 Kgs and picked up over 500 items of plastic.

Visions Of Change SA

Visions Of Change SA partnered with the Fishrite Hanover Park Cricket Club on Saturday, 18 September 2021 to clean up the community in Hanover Park.

The volunteers were served KK doughnuts after generously contributing their time.

Pick n Pay People n Plant World Clean-up Day event

The junior participants as well as the parents who were exhausted after the tiring morning of cleaning enjoyed a Krispy Kreme treat.

Oceani & Oceans Alive

Oceans Alive Lifesaving Academy Cadets and Oceani volunteers set about picking up cigarette butts and other litter along the beach and harbourside. They managed to collect over 20 bags of litter as well as over 500 cigarette butts.