Meet our wonderful dreamer Wandile, called Wandi for short. He is currently 5 years old, 

When he grows up, he would like to become a taxi driver. To transport people and make quick cash. 

Wandile’s dream was to have a ride-on-car, he has been telling his mom how much he wants it and how he would like to have it for his birthday. On the day of delivery, we fetched Wandile and his family from their house we then took them to Little Kingdom.

He played with his sisterr and had lunch with his family. He loved the venue and kept on playing on the jungle gyms. Once he was done eating and playing, our team then surprised him with his brand-new Ride-on car, a Lamborghini which is his favourite car in the whole wide world.

He was really happy to start driving it around the venue and couldn’t wait to get home

and show his friends.