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Krispy Kreme Individual Boxes – Wedding


There will be a charge of R3 per individual box for orders less than 3 dozen

Box Size

Dozen, Double Dozen

Doughnut Selections

Original Glazed, Milk Tart, Cinnamon, Bar-One, Cookies & Kreme, Peanut Butter Krunch, Sugar Coated, Choc Iced Custard, Choc Iced Sprinkles, Strawberry Jam shell, Choc Iced Custard & Cinnamon Ring, Choc Iced Sprinkles & Milk Tart, Choc Iced Sprinkles & Peanut Butter Krunch, Cookies & Kreme & Bar-One, Original Glazed & Cinnamon, Strawberry Jam shell & Bar-one, Sugar Coated & Cinnamon, Sugar Coated & Peanut Butter Krunch