Lilitha is a 13-year-old young man diagnosed with a Sarcoma.

Lilitha is a teenage boy, he loves spending time with his father. He has always wanted to own an Xbox to play games on with his father. He currently does not go to school due to his illness and treatment. He says sometimes he gets bored playing card games with his father. He said the one that would complete him, make him the happiest boy is owning an Xbox. He has been in and out of hospital had not been exciting about anything in life in a very long time. We arranged with his father for the dream handover, he was so appreciative although he had no idea of what was in the
dream box.

Lilitha’s father helped him open his dream and he was so happy, he sent a video of Lilitha thanking Reach For A Dream for making his dream a reality. Both parents were so thankful, his mother also called thanking Reach For A Dream for making Lilitha so happy. He had not been excited about anything in a very long time, his mother says she was very pleased to see him that excited.