Lethokuhle is a beautiful 10 year old girl, diagnosed with Kidney Cancer, she would like to study medicine once she’s older so she can treat Cancer patients. 

Lethokuhle mentioned that her dream would be to get a brand new laptop, so that she could use it to study and watch movies during her free time. 

Lethokuhle couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw the Dream Team walk in with her beautifully wrapped dreams. Her eyes lit up with excitement when she saw her name written on one of the wrapped presents.  She quickly opened up each dream, and when she finally saw her dream laptop, Letho gave a big smile and said, “Wow!” In addition to her dream laptop, Letho also received beautiful and fun slippers that she can wear at home. Lethokuhle’s mom was very happy and couldn’t stop thanking Reach for a Dream for making her little girl’s dream come true.