Krispy Kreme App Article – General Updates




In times of uncertainty, you can always count on Krispy Kreme to keep joy alive! Because you matter and we really do care… #KKCares

In light of the nationwide lockdown, Krispy Kreme has established and implemented measures to ensure that the joy stays with every one of us, even though we might have to be apart.

As of 26th of March 2020 at 6pm, our stores will be closed. Deliveries and online orders have been put on hold.

Prize winners and fans with birthdays – you’ll still get your share of the joy! To all our store opening winners who stood in line to receive monthly and weekly prizes, as well as our KKSA app users who are eligible for free birthday OGs, your vouchers validation period has been extended to 60 days.

Tips to Get Through this Together!

Share the joy virtually – dial up or video chat with your friends, family and work colleagues.

Get ready for guilt-free indulgence by starting an at-home exercise routine.

If you have a private garden or outdoor space, get out for fresh air (perhaps even daydream about the delicious treats we’ll surprise you with next…)

Take this time to de-clutter your home – make more room for magical moments!

Let’s Stay Healthy & Happy!

Remember to wash your hands often, sneeze and cough into your elbow and keep a safe distance from others whenever possible! Following these hygiene precautions is super important, especially because it means that we can be joyfully re-united after lockdown.

As Krispy Kreme, we truly care about our fans, friends, family and our staff so your well-being and happiness is our biggest priority! We are committed to keeping South Africans smiling.

Let’s stick together in self-isolated solidarity, South Africa! We can’t wait to see you on the other side of this difficult yet necessary period of isolation.

All Our Love, Joy and Magic,

The Krispy Kreme Team