Dear Krispy Kreme guests,

Everybody deserves a happy place, where only the best quality is Krispy Kreme!

We are delighted to welcome our valued customers to our Krispy Kreme stores, which are now open. For your convenience, our doughnuts are also available at Doughnuts-On-The-Go cabinets at selected Engen garages and Pick n Pay stores. They are also available via contactless delivery through Uber Eats and Mr D. Keep an eye on our social media pages for more info and updates

Krispy Kreme South Africa will continue to reinforce our ultimate priority that the people associated with our brand come first.

As always, compliance to the strictest hygiene standards will be closely monitored and only precise adherence will be acceptable.
Continuous training & understanding of preventative measures will underpin our absolute duty to do our part in containing the effects of COVID-19.

Krispy Kreme South Africa will not compromise on our civic responsibility, as well as our brand purpose to keep ‘’sharing in joy of Krispy Kreme and creating magical memories’’.

To our Krispy Kreme prize winners and KKSA app users who are eligible for free birthday OGs, kindly note that as of 7 August 2020, the voucher redemption period has been extended to 1 year from the app user’s date of birth.

Should you have any queries or concerns, please feel free to email

We are committed to keeping South Africans smiling.

All Our Love, Joy and Magic,

The Krispy Kreme Team