Say hi to Desne’. She is 15 years old and she has been diagnosed with Ewing’s Sarcoma (bone cancer). She plays netball and her favourite soccer team is Liverpool. Desne’ would love to grow up and become a sports medic one day. Her friends and family are important to her and she told us that the best day of her life would be to celebrate her 16th birthday with her loved ones.

After hearing this, we decided to add some magic into her life along with Reach for a Dream Foundation. Together, we planned to give Desne’ an unforgettable day by gifting her with the camera and printer that she’s always dreamt off!

The joy and excitement on her face when she received her gifts was absolutely priceless! Now Desne’ can capture all her special moments with her loved ones every day! Thank you, Krispy Kreme and Reach for a Dream Foundation, for making my dreams come true!