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Email: info@krispykremesa.com
Telephone: 010 006 0400


Log into the system using the Login option in the top right corner of the screen. Once you have entered your details you will notice an item on the menu labelled “Your Account”, hover your mouse over this and options will appear to edit your Orders, Address, or Account Details.

Should you need to change your date of birth details, email info@krispykremesa.com with your correct date of birth, cell phone number linked to your app and proof of identification for verification.

All online payments are made through PayFast, so only card payments are available.

The KKSA birthday deal is only available for our app users. If you are wanting to join our world of joy and redeem this offer, you will need to download the Krispy Kreme ZA app at least 48hrs before your birthday for the voucher to be sent to you on your birthdate.

Birthday Voucher Redemption

The voucher will be visible under the offers tab in your app – the voucher is valid for 1 year from the date issued. Please ensure your voucher is showing in your app before going in-store to redeem. On redemption, you will need to buy any dozen doughnuts to redeem your free dozen Original Glazed® doughnuts as well as show proof of identification.

The KKSA app can only be used at one of our KKSA stores and NOT mini locations (Engen, PNP, Checkers and SPAR) or via delivery. View our store locations here: https://www.krispykremesa.com/stores/

You can redeem all Krispy Kreme vouchers, gift cards and offers at any stand-alone Krispy Kreme store. You can find a full list of our store locations here: https://www.krispykremesa.com/stores/

You can purchase Krispy Kreme gift cards on our Krispy Kreme app, under the gifting tab. Alternatively, you can visit the gifting section on our official website via this link: https://www.krispykremesa.com/voucher

*Disclaimer: Please note that Krispy Kreme vouchers can only be redeemed at a Krispy Kreme stand-alone store and not via delivery or at mini locations.

You can download the official Krispy Kreme South Africa app on the Apple app store or Google Play store. Please make sure that the region you have selected in your phone settings and/or app store settings are zoned to South Africa, otherwise the South African app won’t pick up.

You can locate the KKSA app via these direct links:

Apple: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/krispy-kreme-south-africa/id1406274599?ls=1

Google Play/Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=za.co.wigroup.krispykreme

In your KKSA app:

  1. Select the FORGOT PIN option on the login screen.
  2. Enter your mobile number and PROCEED.
  3. Enter and confirm a new PIN.
  4. You will receive a One Time Pin (OTP) SMS to confirm.
  5. After verifying the OTP, your NEW PIN will be active, and you will be able to login again.

Yes, you can. Krispy Kreme South Africa is available on the Uber Eats and Mr D Food apps. The use of their delivery service is determined by your closeness/range to a Krispy Kreme store, as per their Ts and Cs.

We can only accommodate delivery from our side if orders are 20 dozen or more, and within a 10km radius from one of our stores. You can place such large orders on our website’s online ordering page via this link: https://www.krispykremesa.com/onlineordering/

Online/special orders:

Yes, you can add another card. We make use of PayFast. This ensures that your card details are safe and secure at all times. The system does not save credit card details, and you will always be asked re-enter card details and to enter a One Time Pin (OTP) when making a purchase.

You may place an order any time up to 48 hours before your desired delivery date, in accordance with our 2-day lead time on all orders.

a. Before checkout:

You can cancel an order by removing the items in your cart before making payment or you can simply skip making payment, in which case your order will not be completed.


b. After checkout:

Please get in contact with a Krispy Kreme guru by referring to the details on the “Get in Touch” page on our website. Once the order has been dispatched, no cancellations shall be accepted.


Note: As payments are processed through PayFast, a 10% admin fee will be charged on any cancelled orders. If you cancel your payment for any reason or if your payment card should cease to be valid, you will still be bound to pay the admin fee on any cancellations.

Not only do you receive a proof of payment via email, but you will also receive a confirmation email from us with your order details.

You will receive a confirmation email to the address provided when placing the order.

We only accommodate delivery from our side for large orders of 20 dozen doughnuts or more, within a 10km radius from one of our stores. For all orders smaller than 20 dozen, you can collect from one of Krispy Kreme stand-alone stores. You can find a full list of our store locations here: https://www.krispykremesa.com/stores/

You can place your order by emailing lmalao@Krispykremesa.com or you can shop from our menu by visiting the online ordering page on our official website via this link: https://www.krispykremesa.com/onlineordering/

Krispy Kreme can create themed and personalised doughnuts for all occasions. If you have an image of the doughnuts you would like, you can send it through to us to create. For all order queries, please email lmalao@Krispykremesa.com

*Disclaimer: All orders require 48hours notice.


Unfortunately not. There are traces of egg in our doughnut mixture.

Yes, they are Halaal, certified by the NIHT.

Our shelf life is 24-hours; therefore, we do not recommend heating or freezing them. At Krispy Kreme, we pride ourselves on fresh products that are delivered fresh daily. We do not add preservatives to our products, which contributes to a shorter product life span.


No, Krispy Kreme South Africa owns and operates all production facilities and retail stores.

No, only Krispy Kreme South Africa has the rights to own & operate stores in South Africa.

DFD (mini locations):

Keep an eye on our social media platforms for updates on current promotions and LTOs.

For the time being, loyalty rewards can only be redeemed at a KK stand-alone store and when ordering on the Mr D Food app. However, we are working on expanding this to mini locations/outlets and will be sure to let all our KK fans know once this goes live.

All specialised orders should be done through Krispy Kreme Events for collection from one of our stand-alone stores. However, additional orders through our mini locations can be sent to lmalao@Krispykremesa.com.

*Disclaimer: All orders require 48hrs notice.

You may only request additional stock from the current pre boxed DFD range