Basestana is a very shy girl and often spends her time watching cartoons. Basestana is often admitted to hospital and has trouble making friends.

For her dream, Basestana had asked for a tablet, so that she would be able to watch cartoons when she was admitted to the hospital.  

On her dream day, we picked up Basetsana at home and took them to Emeralds Palace. Basetana and her mom explored the Emerald Palace and got to see different kinds of animals at their zoo. 

She was happy to see these animals for the first time. When then took Basetana and her mom out for lunch and later revealed her tablet.  

She was so excited to see her wrapped dream, she carefully opened up her dream and couldn’t stop smiling as soon as she saw her tablet. Basetana was so happy to have her own tablet to keep her company and call her mom when she was in hospital.