We love our fans because they love us, and those who show us a little extra
love will get a little extra love in return. If you show us the most love over social
media in a month, we’ll give you some of our treats.

A #KKOGs is somebody who comments on, likes, tags, and shares Krispy Kreme’s posts from our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages often in a month. Every month we will choose the top #KKOGs based on interaction for each social media platform. The people with the most compelling interaction on each of our three social media platforms will be named our KK Ogs for the month.

Our Krispy Kreme Winner will be chosen according to the following criteria:

1. Store Visits & Product Shots
2. Store Visits & Merchandise shots
3. Tag the Krispy Kreme account in your Tweet
4. Check in at a Krispy Kreme Store
5. Online Reviews
8. In store Twitter video, Instagram or Facebook Stories
9. Merchandise Shots
10. Original Store Shots

Every month we use our analytics software to determine who interacts with us on each social media platform, thus naming our KK OGs. Selection of KK OGs is conducted using software to avoid any human error.

To say thank you for showing us all that love on social media we reward our #KKOGs with a dozen complimentary OGs every month.

#KKOGs are selected in the first week of every month and hold the position of top #KKOGs until the end of the month. So, if you didn’t get the top spot this month, keep liking, sharing, tagging and commenting to take the top spot next month!

As soon as you confirm your contact details with us, we’ll send you your prize.

At this stage, we can only name #KKOGs from Gauteng and KwaZulu-Natal. As we open more stores in new provinces we’ll be able to have more KK OGs.

So what are you waiting for?

Show us some love on social media and you may
be in line to receive a dozen Original Gazed doughnuts!