Aaron here! I’m a 14-year-old with a zest for life. The fact that I suffer from a rare heart condition has never stopped me from being full of energy and having a sense of adventure. I’ve always dreamt of visiting the big city of South Africa that has as much energy and adventure as me – Johannesburg! Thanks to my lucky stars, Krispy Kreme and Reach For A Dream decided to make my dream a reality. They surprised me with an action-packed weekend away in Johannesburg – and the best part was that they let my mother and brother come along with me. My first time in Johannesburg was better than I ever could have imagined. We got to visit the incredible Gold Reef City, and got our adrenaline pumping at the exhilarating Acrobranch. I had the most amazing time with my family in Johannesburg – we absolutely loved every minute of the weekend away. Thank you to Krispy Kreme and Reach For A Dream for inspiring hope in my life by taking me to my dream destination.