Spreading smiles around South Africa

Our mission is to touch and enhance lives through the joy that is Krispy Kreme.

Our vision is to be the worldwide leader in sharing delicious tastes and creating joyful memories.

In both our vision and mission we encompass what our brand is all about. We want to share  the joy with those less fortunate than us and therefore have affiliated ourselves  with the Smile Foundation.

Krispy Kreme South Africa will going forward create promotions and fundraising initiatives to aid in assisting the Smile Foundation spread more smiles across Africa.

Our first initiative will be to deliver Doughnuts to those patients in the smile ward on Wednesday the 18th of November and help create a memorable Christmas party for our friends. Sharing the Joy where we can.

A little more about the Smile Foundation

Smile Foundation is a non-profit organisation that brings people together to provide expert surgical intervention and pre and post-operative care for our beneficiaries. We are committed to making a difference in the lives of South African children living with treatable facial anomalies such as facial paralysis, cleft lip and cleft palate, craniofacial abnormalities, as well as ear, nose and hand conditions and burn wounds on the child.

We also invest in the infrastructure of the public healthcare system through the purchase of medical equipment, upgrading of existing facilities for the Departments of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, and the sponsorship of Academic Skills programmes for surgeons, nurses and other medical personnel.

With the selfless support of the hospitals, surgeons and medical personnel we have supported over 1,500 reconstructive surgeries since 2009. Smile Foundation’s presence has grown from working in a single Academic Hospital to working actively, in 2015, in eight such hospitals. We are committed to expanding our efforts to ensure that we are supporting many more Academic Hospitals around South Africa by 2020.

We are dedicated not only to supporting the rights of previously disadvantaged children, but indeed to ensuring that these rights are fulfilled. Any and every child deserves the opportunity to overcome their disfigurement and enjoy the pleasures of a normal and healthy childhood…because every child deserves to smile.

To donate a Smile please visit www.smilefoundation.co.za.